Monday, November 17, 2008

How AB Got His Blog Back.

No, not that AB. This AB. But how could I resist clever wordplay and an excuse to run a picture of Angela Bassett?

Anyways, those of you who joined the bandwagon during election season might be surprised to hear this, but is not a political blog! Emphatically not.

Did I fall prey to Obamania? Sure. Did this year's Presidential election sometimes override the whimsical Negro Nonsense that made this an award winning blog? Yes. Do I regret any of this? Not really.

Barack's run for The Number One Spot was good for business here. The hits were way up, and I've drawn the attention of some folks who can prolly help me expand the scope of this blog even greater. More on that later.

But honestly, I sometimes felt this blog was veering waaay over the line and deviating from it's main purpose: talking about whatever the heck I wanna talk about. I didn't start this blog to type the words "Palin", "Jeremiah" and "Plumber". And I never shall again. I was prolly just as happy about this as I was Barack's winning last week. And soon, I won't be typing his name as much either.

I don't think I'm the only blogger breathing a sigh of relief now that it's over. And I doubt I'm the only one trying to distance himself from politricks now that it's over. I think this is human nature to need to disconnect. Think about it, after you just carried a baby for 9 months, once you drop that 7 pound-4 ounce load, the last thing you'd be thinking about is humpin', right?[1] Not that I'd know personally of course.

You've probably already noticed a thematic shift back to the old sh*t poppin' AB you know and love over the past couple of weeks. Now that I'm back on the Day Job and have to actually work for a living, the posts won't be as prolific in number, although you'll still get your one-a-day and the usual weekend features. I'll talk politricks, but not nearly as much. If you want to hear a black man's angle on that sorta stuff, peep my man Field.

Otherwise, I'm back on my pre-election grizzly. This means lots of new features in the coming weeks, more sports, more Negro Nonsense, and more of the old AB ya'll know and love. I hope those of you who joined for the political mumbojumbo won't jump ship. I think you'll enjoy the site just as much the way it was.

As always, thanks.

Dictated. Not read.

The Management.

Question: Will you stick around as goes back to it's roots, or do you need a constant politricks fix? Are there any features you'd like to see more of? Any new features you'd like to recommend?

[1] Or so says my wife. And her Doctor. And millions of medical experts.

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