Monday, November 17, 2008

Black, White, Or Other?: High School Girl-On-Girl Crime.

Stereotypes are a way of life in America. We feed into them so readily that they take on a life of their own. But just how well do you really know your racial stereotypes?

Black, White, Or Other? lists a particularly heinous crime/news story, with incriminating bits of info omitted for the sake of confidentiality. Your job is to guess whether the protagonist is black, white, or the omnipresent "other", and to tell why you guessed how you did. The best guessplanation wins a week's supply of Cyber CapriSuns. And yeah, you could prolly Google the news story to find out the race of the person, but what sorta loser does that? Seriously. And if you already know about the story, and thus the answer, sit this one out. Be a good sport. Don't cheat.

Anyways, here's today's entry...

Dozens of high school students gathered before classes Thursday for a brief memorial service a day after authorities said one 15-year-old girl shot and killed another in a crowded hallway. Some students wore black, while others brought flowers and teddy bears to the service next to three flagpoles outside {redacted} High School. A few said prayers.

{redacted}, a 15-year-old sophomore, is charged with first-degree murder and discharging a weapon on school property in the killing of {redacted}. Investigators said {redacted} shot {redacted}, then walked to a seafood restaurant to call authorities and turn herself in. {redacted} was ordered to be held for 21 days at a court appearance Thursday morning, and is expected to undergo a psychological evaluation. Prosecutors said they could charge her as an adult.

The shooting around 11 a.m. Wednesday set off a confused chain of events at the school: Students screamed and ran when the victim fell to the floor, but authorities couldn't immediately confirm a shot had been fired.

{redacted}, a sophomore, said the girls were arguing in an outside corridor when {redacted} suddenly pulled out a gun and shot {redacted}. "She's a nice girl. She's quiet. She just keeps to herself," {redacted} said of the victim, whom he said he'd known since elementary school. Police said they did not believe anyone heard gunshots, and an initial examination found no major wound on the girl's body.

Authorities later confirmed the shooting. It was possible a smaller-caliber gun was used and the wound closed around the bullet, said Sgt. {redacted}, a spokesman for {redacted} Police. The school was locked down for a short time, but classes soon resumed.

{redacted} left campus and walked across the street to Captain Crab's Take-Away restaurant where she called authorities and told them "she had shot her friend," Sousa said. Authorities took her into custody at the restaurant and recovered a gun. No other students were believed to have been involved. {redacted} has about 1,700 students. They don't pass through metal detectors.
Okay folks, that's the story, so you tell me...

Question: Is the shooter in question Black, White, or Other? How about the victim? Why?

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