Friday, November 28, 2008

Black, White, Or Other? : The $10 Lotto Ticket Thief.

Stereotypes are a way of life in America. We feed into them so readily that they take on a life of their own. But just how well do you really know your racial stereotypes?

Black, White, Or Other? lists a particularly heinous crime/news story, with incriminating bits of info {redacted} for the sake of confidentiality. Your job is to guess whether the protagonist is black, white, or the omnipresent "other", and to tell why you guessed how you did. The best guessplanation wins a week's supply of Cyber CapriSuns. And yeah, you could prolly Google the news story to find out the race of the person, but what sorta loser does that? Seriously. And if you already know about the story, and thus the answer, sit this one out. Be a good sport. Don't cheat.

Anyways, here's today's entry...
A 24-year-old {redacted} man accused of trying to cash a stolen $10 lottery at ticket Wednesday is being held in the {redacted} County jail on a felony grand theft charge.

{redacted} is also charged with felony counts of illegal possession of a lottery ticket and possession of {redacted drug} with intent to deliver in connection with the arrest. {redacted} was identified as the suspect after a store clerk got the license plate number of a man who went to a convenience store at the {redacted} and {redacted} roads intersection around 6 p.m. Wednesday and tried to cash a lottery ticket that had been reported stolen from different convenience store in {redacted} the day before.

When the clerk asked the man for his ID, he ran way, according reports. The clerk followed, got a license plate number, and called {redacted} police. Officers located the car, which was being driven by {redacted}, and found found several stolen lottery tickets, three stolen checks, and an undisclosed amount of cash, according to reports.

Police also found 22 grams of {redacted drug} in the car, according to reports. {redacted} police later determined the lottery tickets, worth $2,500, were stolen from a tobacco store on the 3100 block of {redacted} Boulevard in {redacted} Wednesday morning. That group of tickets contained two winners — one ticket worth $100 and the other worth $10, according to {redacted} Lottery officials.

Officials say {redacted} was trying to cash the $10 ticket just before he got arrested.
Question: Is the genius who got caught trying to cash a $10 winner Black, White, or Other? Why?

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