Sunday, October 12, 2008

What's On AB's iPod?: WEFUNK Radio.

You know the drill by now. What's On AB's iPod is the new Sunday feature, where I hip ya'll to free music and other stuff to fill up your MP3 player, gratis.

I've been rollin' with WEFUNK Radio for a couple of years now. If you're a 70's funk aficionado, like classic 80's R&B, and also happen to like sample-heavy "diggin' in the crates" style hip hop and underground music in general, you'll prolly dig this weekly podcast. Originating from Montreal's CKUT 90.3FM every Friday night, hosts Professor Groove and DJ Static serve up a diverse mix of music you sorta have to hear to truly understand. And don't be thrown off by the Mountie accents. These dudes may sound (and look?) like cornballs, but they know good music.

WEFUNK Radio Official Website

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