Thursday, October 9, 2008

What Would You Do?: Shampoo In The Shower

[Editor's Note: This one's sorta nasty. Consider yourself forewarned.]

So, I'm at the gym yesterday, and about to grab my usual shower before I go back to the office. The Gold's Gym where I workout is new, so the locker rooms and showers usually pretty well maintained and cleaned regularly. Nonetheless, every now and then, somebody inevitably leaves behind a pair of shoes, some workout gloves, or God forbid, an iPhone. I usually play good Samaritan and turn these in at the front desk. Yes, even the iPhone. I'm just a Good Samaritan like that.

Anyways, I jumped in the shower today and found two hardly used bottles of Paul Mitchell Tea Tree shampoo and conditioner. I'm not too choosy about this sorta stuff, but I know enough about hair care products from observing my wife to know that these bottles are a good $12-15 each. I've used hers before, and man, that is some great freakin' shampoo. It makes your head feel cool, like every pore is open. The bottled appear to have only been used once or twice at most. And the locker room is empty, so whomever bought them has long since left.

I won't tell you want I did until later, but I'll ask you guys now.

What would YOU do? Would you use the shampoo? Would you take the shampoo? Would you leave the shampoo in the shower?

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