Saturday, October 4, 2008

They Finally Got You, Orenthal.

I don't really care about the latest OJ verdict, because I don't care about OJ. But just how funny/ironic is it that dude gets pinched 13 years to the day after this no-so-great Moment In Negro Infamy?

Again, I couldn't care less for the Juice, and I'm glad his trial hasn't been publicized much with the Presidential campaign going on. Come to think of it, Kwame's story didn't get much pub either. Perhaps getting a brotha in the White House will finally end the media's longtime obsession with Negroes Gone Wild.

Let this be a warning to any cat who is lucky enough to get away with something he so blatantly did on a mere technicality. This is something every black child should know anyway.

Sometimes when I was young, I would do something so gully that it clearly warranted an ass whoopin. My mom would call my Dad to tell him, and he'd get on the phone with me and promise to "handle it" when he got home from the office. I would be on edge from the moment he hung up the phone till the time he came in the door. But on some rare occasions, he would either get sidetracked with something else when he got home, or just let me off easy because he was too tired. The last thing I would do when I got this sorta reprieve was act ungrateful. I knew I had been spared. There would be no jumping on the bed, no Family Feud, and no Atari. I would retreat to my room and thank the high heavens that I didn't get what I had coming.

OJ apparently didn't learn this lesson. This dummy literally pissed away his free pass. Instead of acting humble, dude has literally rubbed his acquittal in the face of white America for the past decade and change. He's written books. There was that Pay Per View stunt. He won't stay off the gold course. He's stealing bootleg cable. He's still dating white girls. It's like dude doesn't realize he got off. It's almost like he believes he didn't do it.

Well surprise Juice, the check that your hands wrote just came due. The penal system cashed that joker and your ass is headed to the clink from now till infinity.

Some Negroes just never learn.

Christopher Darden is smiling inside. Johnny Cochran is somewhere in West heaven shakin' his damn head.

Question: Is OJ Simpson the dumbest Negro in the history of Negroes? Do you think he "did it"?

Las Vegas jury finds O.J. Simpson guilty [LATimes]

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