Friday, October 3, 2008

That "Other" Black Presidential Hopeful Is Outta Her Dang Mind.

Overlooked in the midst Obamania is the somewhat less historic run of another Black Presidential nominee, the Green Party's Cynthia McKinney. Some of you might remember McKinney from her terms as a Congresswoman reppin' ATL, but most of you prolly recall that very odd incident when she allegedly laid hands on a Capitol Hill policeman and when charged, claimed the whole thing was a setup and played the race card.

I thought that between that and her ridonculous hairdos, Ms. McKinney had already been certified as looney. Then there's this latest episode of Negro Nonsense.

Seriously, Cynthia do you really believe the gubb'ment dumped 5,000 black men in the swamps post-Katrina? Sheesus H. Christ?

Next time check Snopes first. You look like an idiot, not The Next Leader Of The Free World. Yeah, I know all about The Tuskeegee Experiment. But c'mon, how could 5,000 people be assasinated and there be no trace of this anywhere? Wouldn't these 5,000 inmates presumably have families who cared enough about them to question such a disappearance? Why haven't we heard about this travesty of justice before now?

Cynthia prolly also thinks the Clintons killed Ron Brown, Vince Foster and dozens of other political opponents.

Negress please.

My Pops always said believe half of what you see and none of what you hear. I guess I gotta update this list by telling my son don't believe everything you read on the internet.

Cynthia, stay away from Beautyshop K-Nowledge and focus on your Green Party nomination. Please.

Question: Do you think it's even remotely plausible that the gubb'ment put a bullet in the heads of 5,000 men? What is Cynthia smoking? Would you vote for her? Did you get that old Clinton hit-list email back in the late 90's too?

Clinton Bodycount Clarification [Snopes]

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