Wednesday, October 8, 2008

That One!!!

Tonight's debate pretty much sucked, which made the whole Live Blogging Experience over at BlackAndMarriedWithKids the saving grace. Me and 80-some of my new bestest friends watched and commented punch by punch. If you missed it, you missed it. We should do this more often, and prolly will.

Few can disagree, this one was pretty lousy, which clearly favors the guy with the lead.

By the way, wasn't the whole "town hall" format supposed to be McCain's strong suit? Wasn't McCain the one out challenging Obama to 10 duels, medieval style this past Summer? Wasn't he supposed to clean the young fella's clock in this forum?

Let's keep it real, "town halls" are bogus. The questions are always preapproved. The folks invited are usually friendly campaign contributors. There are never any surprises for the candidates. This is why McCain "challenging" Obama to the town halls was a dumb idea from the jump. Obama was right to turn this lousy display of tough guy posturing and free McCain publicity down. But in retrospect, imagine the sorta lead Obama might have right now had he actually agreed? Heck, they might was just said eff' it and cancelled November 4th altogether.

The only, and I do mean only notable exchange of the whole night was McCain's infamously condescending reference to Obama as "that one".

I haven't really heard this phrase before, but I'm guessing it was used disparagingly. Otherwise, I'm at a loss for why you'd refer to a person by pointing and calling them "that one". Isn't "the one" more or less reducing your opponent to an inanimate object? Is that what's hot in the convalescent homes right now? If you're more up on septuagenarian slang and can explain this to me, do it you know where.

Listening to the conservative talkers cry in their cereal this morning almost makes me feel better about the Wizards season being over before it begins. Almost.

I predict Obama pulls away and starts seeing double digit leads in most polls tomorrow. This baby is over. The goose if cooked. The fat lady is warmin' up, and she's fittin' to sang "Let's Take A Long Walk".[1] The Ayers/Wright thing is old news now, not that it wasn't already, but it's really over now. What else can McCain and Palin do but bend roll over and clutch their ankles play dead for the next 4 weeks? It's over.

I'm gettin' fitted for my inauguration tux tomorrow. I just need some tickets first.

Question: What did McCain mean by "that one"? What did you think of tonight's debate? How exactly does one procure tickets for the inauguration?

[1] Name that tune. And don't be offended.

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