Thursday, October 2, 2008

Poll Position: Obama Won The Debate.

Since we've got another primetime debate on tap for tonight, I decided to run a very special 5 day edition of Poll Position. The Palin/Biden poll will be up tomorrow.

You guys know how I feel about last week's debate. It was a draw. Obama didn't distinguish himself on the economy, McCain didn't go for the jugular with foreign relations. Neither guy really buried the other, so it's a wash. Sure, Obama had a greater post-debate bump, but this prolly had more to do with his overall momentum and McCain's "suspend the campaign" stunt than his performance on Friday night.

Needless to say, as with most editions of Poll Position, you guys overwhelmingly disagreed.

So, Obama wins by a landslide. McCain only got 8 votes, for a staggering 4% of the overall tally. We know who two of those votes came from[1], but I'm at a loss for who the other 6 were.

We'll see how many votes Palin gets in Tomorrow's Poll. Something tells me she won't crack double digits, but considering my track record with these sorts of things, what do I know?

[1] And you know who they are too.

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