Monday, October 20, 2008

Poll Position: McCain Needs To Keep His Peoples In Check.

The campaign has gotten progressively nastier over the past few weeks. Most of the vitriol and greasy talk has come from the McCain campaign, with his running mate suggesting that Obama is "paling around with terrorists".

[Editor's Note I: If you're confused about why I'm calling Ted Stevens a "domestic terrorist" in the photo above, just laugh now and figure it out when you get home.]

Honestly, I was just caught up on one word: "paling". Who in the ham sammich says "paling"? That's some ole' Richie and The Fonz, Happy Days-type slang right there. I suppose Palin does the whole double thumbs and snappin' thing too. She's certainly "jumped the shark" already, so maybe I'm onto something.

Whoa! Aaaay! {snap}

Sit on it, Sarah.

Nonetheless, I asked ya'll last week if DaddyMac was doing enough to keep his pros peoples in check.

Apparently he ain't.

John, you need to tighten up the ship bruh.

[Editor's Note II: The final numbers were far larger than noted above, thanks to a massive last minute push of votes from Crooks and Liars loyalists who stopped by on Saturday. We had nearly 500 votes, making this the most popular edition of Poll Position yet. I have yet to figure out why the fine people at Crooks and Liars link to some posts here (typically not my best work might I add) and not others, but they always bring a crapload of traffic. Either way, Mike Finnigan, holla at ya' boy. We need to partner up.]

This Week's Poll is all about Colin Powell's return from exile to endorse Barack Obama. How will all the Conservatives who had such respect for this "great American" all these years respond to this act of treason?

Vote early and often.

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