Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Obama Ekes Out The Tween' Vote. Fox News Calls Victory For McCain.

Joining the ranks of the voluntarily unemployed for the past couple of weeks has opened my eyes to a whole new America. After I drop AverageToddler off at daycare, I come home and AverageSis and AverageNewBaby are usually asleep most of the day. Thus, I am managing to catch up on some daytime TV, and boy, does daytime TV make me wanna go back to work before my paternity leave ends.[1]

That said, I usually watch a crapload of The SciFi Channel, which has easily replaced WifeTime Movie Network as my favorite basic cable channel. Cheesy, straight to DVD movies of various critters (evil snakes, bears, gators, even friggin' crickets) terrorizing small towners beats "kill my husband" melodrama any day. Plus, SciFi is in Hi Def, which is pretty much the trump card. I could watch paint dry on a 50 inch HD set. I might even Tivo it.

Anyways, I was browsing past Fox News (also now in HD!) a few minutes ago, and America's Favorite Faux Financial Expert, Neil Cavuto, tried his best to spin the story that follows as some indication of John McCain's improving chances on November 4th.

[Editor's Note: Yes, I watch Fox News too. Regularly. And I watch for the same reason I listen to Conservative radio: it's mindlessly entertaining. No, it's not credible news, but it does let you know how some people think. No wonder a majority of Fox News viewers are liberals.]

And no, I swear to bejesus I'm not makin' this up. I couldn't make this up. When the video is posted (and trust me, it will be) I'll throw it up.

Senator Barack Obama has been declared the winner of Nickelodeon's 2008 Kids Pick the President "Kids' Vote". A record-breaking number of votes -- upwards of 2.2 million -- were cast in the network's online poll. Nickelodeon has held a "Kids' Vote" every election year since 1988, and kids have correctly predicted the winner in four out of the last five U.S. presidential campaigns.

In this election year's Kids Pick the President "Kids' Vote", Senator Obama received 51% of the vote (1,167,087), and Senator McCain received 49% (1,129,945). The Nickelodeon Kids Pick the President "Kids' Vote" is not a scientific poll. Kids were able to vote online on http://www.nick.com/kpp, via Nick's mobile website, or in Nicktropolis, Nickelodeon's virtual world destination, from Oct. 12-20.

"Nickelodeon has a long history of empowering kids and providing them with an opportunity to voice their opinions," said Cyma Zarghami, President, Nickelodeon Kids and Family Group. "The Kids Pick the President campaign has introduced them to the voting process, and hopefully will make them want to be active participants when they are old enough to vote."
Again, nothing major with the poll. Kids are asked all day what their preferences are. Green slime beat out orange slime in a prior poll.

But to listen to Cavuto, you'd think this signalled a turning point for the McCain campaign. He even bought on a child psychologist to breakdown the meaning of the slim 2pt Obama margin of victory, as if to suggest that preteens more interested in Hannah Montana than the Senator of Montana would have a freakin' clue what's going on.

The segment concluded by trying to draw a parallel between the very minor "slippage" of the Obama campaign in the latest polls in a few states, and a rising sentiment among voters that McCain was on the way back.

If that doesn't sound nuckin' futs to you, then perhaps you've already drank the GOP Kool Aid.

Sorry, I know this was silly, but it was so darned stoopid I couldn't resist. Somebody get me a Twitter account!

Off to pickup the young AverageOne.

Question: Does anyone consider Fox News an even remotely credible news source?

Senator Barack Obama Declared the Winner in Nickelodeon's Biggest 'Kids' Vote' Ever [WSJ]

[1] Completely unrelated note: I wonder how much the national voluntary unemployment rate has gone up since MSNBC hired Tamron Hall for their 9am newscast. Wowzers!

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