Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Nazi Kidz For Obama: Take II?!?

Last week, I bought you the video of a bunch of black kids in Kansas City who were using the Obama Presidency for inspiration and personal motivation.

Naturally, this being America and whatnot, lots of people had problems with the paramilitary style imagery and some on the web and conservative radio have smeared these kids as Nazis and Black Panthers in training.

Any Negro with half a brain knows this is little more than discipline via rote memorization. It's also a pretty lousy knockoff of stepshows you'd see on any HBCU campus, black church, or community center for that matter. Doesn't matter, some still think Obama Psi Phi is racist, or worse.

I chalked this up to mainstream America's total and complete ignorance of even basic day to day black culture. Turns out I was maybe half-wrong. Witness this Caucasian Craziness from an affluent LA suburb.

I've since heard this song/video also lampooned and picked apart on The Laura Ingraham Show, FoxNews, and various other spots.

Well, that settles it. Any kid, black or white, who sings or chants about the Obama campaign is Marxist, socialist, Stalinist, and fill-in-your-own-ist. Just peep all the comments. This sh*t is racist!

Maybe it "Ain't A Black Thang". Seems like errybody "Understands".

I stand corrected, Spool. You win (as usual).

Question: Is it ever right to use kids to make a political statement? Think before you answer, that is indeed a loaded question.

Chicago Sun-Times Leaves Out Key Facts About Singing Obama Kids [NewsBusters]

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