Monday, October 13, 2008

James T. Harris For Vice President!!!

My wife has always theorized that if I wanted to take some magical shortcut to my eventual career goal of being on TV, all I'd need to do is become a Conservative. By virtue of being semi-articulate and black, and spouting some GOP talking points, in no time at all, I'd be all over Fox News. Bill-O, Hannity, and Greta would buy out the bar for me, just like they did for Pastor Manning. Heck, considering the lack of color on the GOP side, I have little doubt I'd be invited to speak on the campaign trail. Move over Michael Steele, there's a new hankyhead Black Republican in town.

Sure, I'd have to tuck in at least one of my testicles, forget the concept of dignity, and speak in a much higher voice, but I'd be famous in no time flat.

Watching this James T. Harris cat burst on the national scene this past week just proves AverageSis' theory. Watch as Mr. Harris makes an indelible impression on DaddyMac.

Wow. And faster than you can say Stepin... dudes pops up on Fox News. I am sooo jealous right now

I like finding out more about people before I write the book on them, so I Googled Mr. Harris and found out he's the host of a Conservative talk show on some podunk AM station in Wisconsin. As if the timing couldn't get any odder, dude's show happened to be airing as I was putting this post together.

Turns out Harris, despite all the tough guy posturing, is little more than the milquetoast GOP mouthpiece I expected. He spouted party lines. His critiques of Obama were pointless, his defense of the GOP smear campaign inexplicable. Basically, he was your typical Black Republican. Not the Jigga and Esco type, think more Ward Connerly. And yes, he was strategically placed at the front of the crowd so that he could deliver that comment. This was no accident, Harris even gleefully admitted as much himself.

I'm not sayin' James T. Harris is a sellout for basically stoking the fires that brand another black man as a terrorist. But he might just wear some very soft shoes.

MLK is crying inside. Man Up, James!

Question: What did you think of James T. Harris' challenge to John McCain?

James T. Harris Show [620 WTMJ]

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