Friday, October 3, 2008

People I Strongly Dislike: Sarah Palin.

[Editor's Note: Pointless rambling and foul language ahead. You've been forewarned.]

Seriously, could you imagine anyone, and I do mean anyone else getting away with this sorta bullsh*t?!?

Man, I tell ya'. The levels of rank incompetence never cease to amaze me with this woman. I hate saying this kinda stuff, but Sarah Palin just officially made my list of People I Strongly Dislike.

Enough with the victim narrative already. There's no freakin' way a person of color, or for that matter, even a white guy could get away with being so unprepared, unqualified, and so damn hokey. Not even George Bush was given this much rope. Seriously. At least he was the Governor of a Texas. There's more people in Austin than Palin's entire state.

Can we just call a spade a spade? Sarah Palin is the greatest recipient of affirmative action to ever walk the Earth. Evar.[1]

The other night, I was doing neighborhood watch with a neighbor of mine, and the topic of Palin somehow came up. My neighbor (who was a Clinton supporter that's on board with Obama) said that everytime she sees Palin on TeeVee, she sorta feels embarrassed to be a white woman. I guess this makes Palin the white female equivalent of Flavor Flav.

Tell em' Diddy!

I know those who support the GOP (at least those who comment here) are Ryde Or Die, and can never admit that McCain may have made a mistake, but I wonder, deep down inside if these folks seriously think this woman is qualified to run the country. Seriously.

I understand the quips on Obama's lack of experience. They are legitimate, especially in comparison to McCain's time in office. Still, even if they disagreed with his views, nobody would even remotely consider Obama dumb. Smart people can learn on the job. Dumb people never should have the job in the first place.

I'll let you guess which one Palin is.

Question: Would a Black or Latino woman with Palin's "qualifications" be allowed to even run a Dairy Queen, let alone a country?

[1] I apologize in advance for any white female reader who takes this the wrong way. I hope you understand the intent.

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