Monday, October 6, 2008

Everything You Ever Needed To Know About The Keating Five, But Were Afraid To Ask.

So, turns out the Obama campaign had a ready-made web documentary explaining the whole Keating Five scandal just waiting for McCain to jump. Here it is, all 13+ minutes in detail. I doubt they would have played this card had McCain not started with all the Rebb'n Wright and Ayers crap, but it's good to know they were proactive and ready just in case. So now, we've got competing scandals making the news rounds today.

Is this a one-sided account of John McCain's involvement in a savings and loan collapse? Sure. But are the McCain campaign's accounts of Barack Obama's involvement with William Ayers equally one-sided? Sure.

Still, despite how you spin the facts, it all boils down to this: McCain was investigated by Congress. Obama is guilty by association with a guy who did some pretty heinous stuff while little Barry was still in pullups. You make the call.

I predict these two stories essentially cancel each other out. I'd like to think that except for right-leaning wingnuts, nobody is dumb enough to believe that Obama harbors terroristic beliefs. Likewise, it's fair to assume that McCain learned from the Keating scandal and has gone on to a career of exposing such fraud. Both are equally old/non-news. Neither is helping me put gas in my car, so who the f*ck really cares?

There are only 4 weeks left before election day. Let's quit grasping at straws and stick to real issues.[1]

Question: Do you think the Keating Five scandal is relevant given the current condition of the economy? Do John McCain's past associations and stance on deregulation make you wary of his ability to handle an economic crisis in the future?

Keating Economics Website

Keating Five Wiki [Wikipedia]

[1] But I swear, if Miss Sarah starts poppin' sh*t about Rebb'n Wright again, we're gonna have a real problem.

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