Tuesday, October 28, 2008

AverageBro NewsBriefs - Some Random Stuff on My Mind Edition.

I've got my hands full with the baby today. So here's all the news that's fit to blog, but not worthy of it's own post. Discuss amongst yourselves.

Joe The Plumber Says "Death To Israel" - So, the GOP makes the mistake of putting this assclown on the stump, and what happens?

Yeah, he agrees with some wingut who says a vote for Obama is a vote for "death to Israel". Say it ain't so, Joe. Sounds more like "death to the McCain campaign" to me. Of course, he has no information to back this up. Props to Shepard Smith of Fox News for actually pressing this idiot on his moronic comment.

The Palin Effigy - This is just wrong. Let the record reflect that I think such acts of cowardice are hideous and uncalled for. The fact that the local authorities are defending this as "free speech" and allowing it to stay up make it ever worse. However, the thing that pisses me off is the assertion that if this were Obama, the story would be blown out of proportion. Not true at all. Nearly the exact same thing happened to Obama in Oregon a month or so ago. Did you hear about it?

Oh, how about the effigy in Ohio last week?

Prolly not.

Ashley Todd - I knew this chick was lying when I first heard about the story. I mean, come on, carving a backwards "B" in some chick's face because she's down with a losing ticket?

Negroes have been known to wild out, but I know Nigga Nonsense when I hear it, and that ain't it. Reality is, black folks don't care about politricks that damn much, despite the explosion of Obamania. Anyone with a shred of common sense would have done some homework. Of course, in the newfound spirit of victimology, this didn't stop the state GOP from running with the story and blasting it the moment it broke. Palin and McCain called with condolences. The whole house of cards collapsed the next day, and everyone gets egg on the face. Where's the apology?

Barry The Redistributionist - I knew the Palin/McCain campaign was suffering, but this week's tactic of branding Barry a socialist is just too pathetic to even get upset about. Reality is, we've been paying taxes to fund things like welfare programs, community centers, unemployment benefits, and yes, schools for years. People with more money by nature pay more taxes. This keeps things balanced out, it's not socialism, it's not an Obama creation, and it ain't new. Calling it "welfare" is obviously a subliminal racist dig to play to "Middle America". Bastards. Never mind the fact that McCain just voted in favor of $700M in corporate "welfare" last month. Then again, the yokels crying about redistribution of wealth are so mesmerized by their candidates of choice (both of whom made over $1M last year) and conservative chatters (who make even more) that they fail to realize their dumb asses will never make more than $250k/year and would actually pay less in taxes under Obama's plan. These people deserve to have their taxes raised.

The Assasination Plot - Boy, you hardly heard anything about this yesterday, but two idiots hatched a plot to murder Obama and 100 random black kids along the way. Zzzzzzzz.

Of course, had this been a bunch of Haitians planning to off Palin, well, can you say "Domestic Bush Doctrine"? I have lost official count of just how many such incidents have been snuffed out this year, but I sure as hell hope this doesn't stop some older Black folks from pulling that lever for Barry out of fear.

The Sad Spectacle That Is John McCain - I'm human, despite my appearances here sometimes. I can empathize with people I don't necessarily like, and I almost find myself feeling bad for John McCain at times. He has officially run the worst, more scattershot campaign in modern history, while his opponent has run the best. This Muslim approach to legislation (laugh now, figure it out later) isn't resonating. His Veep is compiling an audition tape for her next gig. His campaign manager couldn't run a Dairy Queen. And now, he's going to go down in history as the former PoW who lost an election to an effette, insufficient black man. Yeah, the guy is acting like a douche on the stump lately, but put yourself in his shoes. That sh*t has got to hurt.

Kwame In The Clink - So, Yaw's Boy is due to get sent to jail to begin his 4 month bid today. I am watching CNN, and they show this bama in court with his wife (inexplicably still) by his side. Kwame is sitting there cheesing, and yawning like he's watching a Pistons game. Could they tack on an additional 6 months for being an a-hole? Does anyone doubt that he'll run again in 5 years once his ban is lifted? Sorry Detroit, but this is why ya'll stay losin'. And I ain't even talkin' bout' The Lions either.

DL Hughley's CNN Show Sucks - Yeah, I went back on a promise and actually tuned in. The wife Tivo'd it, and I was a captive audience. Let's just say I hope Darryl Lynn keeps an updated resume, because I don't see that show making it past Thanksgiving.

Again, if you just gotta support a black man, peep BET's Somebodies. Tonight's the season finale.

World Series - I know the Rays had the best record, so they aren't technically the underdogs, but I'm rooting for them to come back and win in 7. Philly Phans are so phanatical and obnoxious. They don't deserve a title of any sort before the Nation's Capitol.

The Shield Is Coming To An End - The best TeeVee show nobody watches is winding to an end.

With The Wire already off the air, the era of Edgy Serial Cop Shows On Cable TeeVee is coming to a sad close. If you've never watched this show, you have no idea what you've missed. Don't bother tuning in now, you can't possibly catch up. Add one of the prior seasons to your Netflix queue and get it poppin'.

Question: Did you hear about the Obama effigy in Oregon? Were you suspicious of Ashley Todd? Is this "socialist" tag borderline pathetic, let alone stoopid? Is the assasination plot getting the coverage it deserves? Do you feel somewhat sorry for John McCain, all things considered? How long do you give DL's show? Do you want Tampa to come back? Do you watch The Shield? Is this a new world record for Questions to End A Single Post?

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