Sunday, September 28, 2008

What's On AB's iPod?: Zo! And Tigallo Love The 80's.

This album isn't exactly new to anyone in the know, but I couldn't help but pass it along if you're somehow unaware. For those of us who grew up in the 80's, BET wasn't always around. This meant that as a suburban couch potato, young AB absorbed far more MTV than I'm willing to publicly admit. Lots of this music was just awful, especially hair bands like Quiet Riot and Twisted Sister. And the ultrapoppy crap like Culture Club and Frankie Goes to Hollywood was even worse.

But somewhere in the happy medium of 80's pop music were acts like Duran Duran and Hall and Oates who actually got airplay on R&B stations, which actually did exist before today's now common "hip hop & R&B" format.

In this vein, steps the duo Zo And Tigallo, which consists of a notable Detroit producer, and the alter ego of my favorite rapper, Phonte of the group Little Brother. Their pet project, Zo and Tigallo Love The 80's is my sorta thing. They took a handful of 80's pop favorites like "Africa", "Written All Over Your Face", "Steppin' Out", and "Take On Me", then tastefully remade them with new-millennium urban swagger. Again, I don't pretend this is for everyone, but somebody else besides me will surely like it.

Here's The Human League's "I'm Only Human".

And Level 42's "Somethin' About You".

Again, not for everyone, but surely for someone. Sadly, unlike most WOAI episodes, this one ain't free. You'll have to cop the album if you wanna hear the rest, but there's plenty of tracks over on YouTube if you wanna browse first.

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