Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Stooping To Their Level.

The Obama campaign announced that they were taking the gloves off and proceeding to get all up in that ass on Friday. Thus far, they've lived up to this promise, seemingly releasing a new attack ad everyday. I liked the "Maverick" spot, and the "Deception" piece was great too.

But today's "Fundamentals" ad sorta rubs me the wrong way.

And here's the McCain/Palin retort (why is she in every ad?), which oddly enough is "issues" focused and doesn't mention Obama. Hell, it looks like the sort of ads Barry was running himself last week.

I should note, I was eating my lunch in the car and just happened to hear this soundbyte completely in context. Yes, McCain did indeed say "the fundamentals of the economy are strong", but he clarified this remark by stating that it's strong because the will of the American worker hasn't waned, and our workforce is the smartest and hardest working in the world. Whether or not you agree with that, you have to agree that pulling a simple quote out of context can misconstrue the full intent. I'm not sticking up for McCain, but just like that "100 years in Iraq" quote, this one was purposely misinterpreted.

I guess McCain is fair game because he and his surrogates have made such comments about the economy in the past. Witness this comment in June.

And Phil Gramm's idiotic "nation of whiners" comment.

So, I guess these guys set the table for their own demise.

But let it be known, I don't like this latest Obama ad one bit. This one deploys the very same "we distort, you decide" angle as most GOP ads. Hitting hard is fine, just make sure you're accurate in the process.

Question: Do you think McCain's "strong economy" statement was taken out of context? Do you think these sorts of ads will be effective for the Obama campaign or is this a bad look?

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