Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Stooping To Their Level: Da' Sequel.

Another day, another questionable Obama ad.

Just as with the "fundamentals of the economy" ad last week, I don't care for this one. Yes, the McCains do indeed own 13 cars. Not much to dispute there. But you and I both know DaddyMac doesn't drive himself anywhere, and prolly hasn't driven himself for quite some time. Ditto for Obama, whom I doubt you'll see in line at the DMV anytime soon. Even dumberer is the fact that very few "domestic" cars are exclusively made in the US. Ditto for foreign cars, which often are assembled here. Chrysler's PT Cruiser is made in Mexico. The Toyota Avalon is made in Kentucky. Go figure.

Besides, Cotton Hill McCain only has a single car, a 2004 Cadillac CTS, registered in his name. CindyMac owns the other 12, and you know how she balls out.

Either way, this is petty, and honestly, below the sort of campaign Barack's run to this point. If you're going to take the attack route (which I advocate), at least remain truthful and relevant. This ad is neither. I wonder who's in his ear telling him this is a good idea.

Again, I understand the strategy. Obama and Co. are more or less trying to duplicate McCain's brand of petty attack ads because they understand that enough of the stoopid Middle-American public responds to this stuff and takes it for truth. But much like the "how many homes" ad, which (successfully) sought to paint McCain as elitist and out of touch, this one stinks in my opinion, regardless of how effective it might be.

I'm still waiting on that Keating Five ad. You could talk about "Slick" Rick Davis' ties to Freddie Mac. How about the 83 lobbyists on his campaign roster and their past clients? There's plenty of legitimate stuff to use if you want to attack the guy on the issues he so strongly advocates. But I guess they're saving those for the 11th hour. Anyways...

Question: Do you find this ad effective in Obama's quest to paint Palin/McCain 08' as a bunch of mooseburger eating elitists? Do you like the tone the Obama campaign has taken on in the past couple of years? Is Obama's occasional "stretching" of the truth something that concerns you, or is he merely fighting fire with fire for a change?

John and Cindy McCain: Cars aplenty [LA Times]

How do automakers define an "American" car in today's global market? [MSN]

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