Monday, September 8, 2008

Poll Position: Shoulda Called Condi!

A few months ago, someone in the GOP floated the idea of having Condi Rice join the Presidential ticket in the Fall. While I'm a huge fan of Rice, I'm no fan of her policies, and I'd rather gouge my eyes out with a Bojangles spork than vote for Cotton Hill McCain. Still, I didn't doubt that such a move would be a game changer for the Republicans. Rice isn't just qualified for the gig, she's also both a woman, and black. It was a veritable toofer, and it would be guaranteed Blogger gold. The ad revenue alone (click on one, BTW. Help me out!) would have paid AverageToddler's tuition for one full credit hour at UPenn. Baaaaaaallin!

[Editor's Note: I'm on another "blogging about politricks" fast. No idea how long. I may tune in for the "Presidential Forum" later this week, but don't count on a recap. Sorry, I have to do this from time to time to keep my sanity, and to keep the blog balanced. Peep any of the AverageSiblings for analysis while I'm underground.]

Of course, this never came to pass. Your girl Tina Fey Sarah Palin won the GOP VeepStakes, and Rice will be out of a job momentarily come December 31st. Since she missed the window on that NFL Commish gig, it's likely she'll return to academia and prolly fade into oblivion. If she only read, she'd see that you guys (33%) considered her the best Veep choice by an overwhelming majority. I don't exactly know what to chalk this up to, since you guys also said if wouldn't make you vote for the GOP either. I guess we all just have a secret crush on Condi's accomplishments and wouldn't mind seeing her stick around another term. I sure would be less stressful than Tina Fey, who didn't do well at all (9%), even after her ethering of Obama. This can't bode well for Cotton Hill and Co.

Others doing well were Mitt Romney, who finished 2nd (23%). I'm wondering if he bought some of those votes. Bobby Jindal (my pick, 9%) and Joe "Chicken Neck" Lieberman (8%) finished out the cast of runners up. Charlie Crist, Tim Pawlenty, and Tom Ridge shouldn't be mad. UPS is hirin'.

This Week's Poll piggybacks on Friday's discussion about Douchebag Cable News Show Hosts. I've made some changes to the list of nominees. As usual, vote early and often.

Question: Would you have considered voting for McCain had he chosen Rice as his Veep? Why?

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