Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Poll Position: Looks Like Barry Made The Right Pick.

So, last week's poll was all about the Biden Veep pick, and whether or not Barry's gonna have second thoughts come November. The people have spoken. And the people seem to like Budden Biden.

Not much to discuss here. Sure, some folks thought Barry shoulda chosen Hillary, but the combined Biden/Budden numbers tell me our boy made the right choice.

General Wesley Clark, whose name never surfaced during Veep discussions was my choice for lots of reasons. He has street cred from a military standpoint that would virtually neutralize John McCain's only real asset. He's old, but not too old. He's white. He's from the South. He was a Clinton supporter, but then again, weren't they all. Why he was never considered is a puzzle to me.

This Week's Poll examines John McCain's VP choice, Tina Fey Governor Sarah Palin, who's already catching flack for some corruption issues of her own. Way to uphold your standards, guys.

As usual, vote early and often.

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