Monday, September 15, 2008

Poll Position: Bill O'Reilly Is A Real DoucheBag.

I've been doing these polls for a few months now, and except for that one about the Now and Laters, seldom have I ever seen an edition of Poll Position with such an undisputed runaway winner.

I knew ya'll disliked Bill O'Reilly, but even I had no idea it was this bad.

Sean Hannity finished a respectable, yet distant second. Keith Olbermann and Glen Beck registered a few votes. Nobody else really made a dent. Oddly enough, Campbell Brown, whom I would have voted for had I not been Systematically Disenfranchised, failed to record a single vote.

Apparently we have differing opinions of the term "d-bag". Perhaps there's an all-ladies edition coming soon. Keep it locked.

This Week's Poll is pretty timely, given the fact that even Obama himself finally realizes he needs to switch up his game. As usual, vote early and often.

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