Monday, September 22, 2008

Poll Position: Barry Grows A Pair, Gains A Lead.

"It was all bad just a week ago."

Seven days and some change ago, Barack Obama was getting buried by The Palin/McCain 08' Juggernaut and watching his "hopes" and "dreams" of backing up the UHaul to 1600 Penn Ave come January float away. Supporters were openly and publicly questioning why this milquetoast Beige Negro wasn't clapping back. They said he was having problems raising money. The poll numbers were grim.

I asked ya'll point blank, did Barry need to put down the arugula and justify his thug. Ya'll overwhelmingly said he did.

Cop them headphones and cue the theme music, sonn![1]

Man, what a difference a week, some testosterone, and a few attack ads can make. Now, by listening to AverageNation™ (finally), Barry's brushed that empty skirt of his shoulders and put a foot in Cotton Hill's ancient behind. He's back up in the polls (Gallup says 50/44), and with the first debate looming later this week, he's got a nice chance to give himself a cushion. Well done, young fella.[2]

This Week's Poll won't make any sense if you haven't peeped our WordPress beta site yet, so get familiar. Vote early and often.

[1] Yeah, I know this is old, and he ain't even running against her, but it's pretty appropriate when you think about it.

[2] See [1]. Ditto.

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