Monday, September 1, 2008

Passionate Conservatives? Wigga Please.

Sorry, but the GOP suddenly being concerned enough about the soggy citizens of N'awlins to cancel their Convention seems a bit shady to me.

The Republican National Convention has suspended all but the most necessary activities to constitute a convention Monday and then will adjourn until further notice, John McCain, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, announced Sunday.

No evening session will be called and no speakers will offer speeches on Monday night. President Bush and Vice President Cheney had both canceled their Monday night appearances at the convention earlier in the day.

The convention “will suspend all activities except those that are absolutely necessary,” McCain said late Sunday afternoon. “We hope to resume some normal activities but frankly that is the hands of God.”

McCain Campaign Manager Rick Davis said that additional activities will be determined on a day-by-day basis. He added that all activities at the convention will be procedural and not political.
Go ahead and call me a hater. I've been called worse. But I call em' like I see em', and I smell a rat here.

Are we seriously supposed to believe that the very same cats who told Negroes in the 9th Ward to Swim Or Die! just 3 short years ago are so humbled that they're calling off 4 days of Prime Time Obama Bashing? I think not.

Let's keep it 100. The GOP wants no part of President Bush, especially with the spectre of one of his most momentous failures looming simultaneously on the Gulf Coast. It's just bad politricks to have a party to bash your opponents when people's lives are theoretically hanging in the balance.

But this by not means indicates that these folks give a sh*t about New Orleanians. This is little more than a political ploy to allow the GOP to put it's best foot (compassion for others, faith) forward, while keeping it's club foot (lack of compassion for minorities, a very unpopular incumbent President) hidden in the attic.

I know better, I sure as hell hope ya'll do.

Kanye was right.

Question: Do you think the GOP is genuinely concerned about the plight of Gulf Coast residents, or is this little more than politricks as usual?

McCain Suspends Most GOP Convention Programming [Fox News]

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