Friday, September 26, 2008

Open Discussion: It's Debatin' Time!!!

Well, the moment of truth is finally upon us. After months of gesticulation and tough guy posturing, Obama and Palin McCain will (hopefully) square off tonight, live from the Deep and Dirty South.

AverageFamily will be hosting a debate party at the crib, complete with AverageSis' signature Obama-tinis (because he's an elitist and that's what they drink) and McCain Crabcakes (for obvious reasons). We'll even have scorecards for all our guests to track the action. Seriously, count the number of times Obama says the word "change" or McCain says the phrase "my friends". You could make a mean drinking game outta this if that's your thing.

Over 100 million people are expected to tune in worldwide to witness the carnage, so clearly we ain't the only ones. Sure, it's little more than a flimsy excuse to have the fam and friends over the crib. Reality is, we prolly won't watch any more than the first segment before someone breaks out a deck of cards, or wants to play Wii Sports instead.

Cause you know how we do.

Despite this week's manufactured drama, debates seldom live up to their advance billing. Usually the combatants shy away from fisticuffs, keep the gaffes to a minimum, and leave cable news analysts to make up fake "results", cause for real for real, debates are usually boooorrrrrinnng.

Heck movies about debates can't even make them seem interesting.

Zzzzzzzzzz. I'll take more flicks about racist high school football teams over this yawn-inducing drivel anyday. So, don't expect fireworks tonight. It's prolly not gonna happen.

I guess I wanted to open the board to you guys, and ask you some basic questions about what you expect to see tonight at 9PM EST.

Questions: Are you watching tonight's debate? Where and with whom? Will Obama get off that ole' professorial bull-iddish and kick some barbershop k-nowledge? Did his trip to Rebb'n Al's Weekend Soundbyte Seminar™ pay off, or was it $599 and a large order of rib tips gone to waste? Will McCain lose his cool when Obama has the gall to question him? How likely is it that he has a Hanoi Hilton flashback and beats moderator Jim Lehrer to a bloody pulp? What does each candidate need to do, and avoid, in order to come out the winner by unanimous decision?

Site of Presidential Debate Has Come Far From Past [NPR]

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