Thursday, September 25, 2008

New Politrician Law: Stay Away From Black Preachers!!!

Sooo, seems like Tina Fey Sarah Palin has some pastor problems of her own, including a Kenyan named Thoman Muthee, who is apparently some sorta witchhunter.

Here's the excerpt of Palin having hands laid on her to exorcise her mayoral demons.

Here's a longer look, for context.

I know, I know. Palin didn't "attend" this church. Go ahead and pull out the GOP Defensive Talking Points Cheatsheet™. Still, with all the trouble Obama had with Rebb'n Wright, imagine the spectre if he'd been caught on tape having some dude laying hands on him and shakin' dem' witches off. Of course, with Muthee being Kenyan, I'm sure the Conservative rebuttal would have something to do with Barack Sr., and attempt to tie Barry back to his secret Muslim upbringing. I'm just saving Spool and D-A-E-D-A-L-U-S (do you know what that mean?)[1] the keystrokes.

Uh, ok, maybe ya'll should get to typin'.

Question: Between this, and McCain's courtship/dump of Rev. John Hagee, will the issue of personal judgement/religion arise during the general debate, or did Obama's bus-toss of Rebb'n Wright bury this issue for good?

[1] Seriously dude, let that sh*t ride. It's corny and juvenile. I'm the only one who gets to do "corny and juvenile" around here.

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