Wednesday, September 3, 2008

The King Of All Blacks Bashes Barack.

I wanted to post this last week after the speech, but PBS's low-tech website didn't allow embedding. Now that it's on Youtube, enjoy as your newly nominated King Of All Blacks bashes last week's Obama speech, while giving Conservative chatters more meaningless talking points in the process.

I've said it before, and I'll say it again: folks like Malveaux and West have done enough grunt work to be entitled to stating their opinions. They've earned the right, so we shouldn't see this as "hatin'".

But seriously, if there are folks who should know what it means to Play The Game you would think it would be people like these two who have successfully navigated the waters of such all white institutions as USA Today and Princeton University.[1] Sometimes I wonder if folks like this just love talking to get off on hear the sound of their own voices, rather than to make a coherent point.

You know it's a sad day when Tavis Smiley is the voice of reason. Dang.

MLK is crying inside.

Question: Are Malveaux and West drankin' Scrawburry HaterAde™ or do they have some valid points? Do you now regret nominating West as the King Of All Blacks?

[1] Is it just me, or do West and Malveaux seem to be wearing the exact same thing everytime they're on TV? No, seriously, peep the photo above (taken months ago), and the video (last week). Straaaange.

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