Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Iced Out Chains On Ebay? Is Young Buck Broke?!?

I know you guys prolly couldn't care less about this, but how funny is it that G-Unit exilee Young Buck's jewelry is being sold on Ebay? No, I don't go looking for this sorta stuff, it just seems to find me.

Many of you will recall the very harrowing Crying Game incident a few weeks ago when 50 Cent secretly taped Buck breaking down on the phone. Between all the sobs, the root of this soap opera was apparently Buck's issues with the IRS.

Here's Buck with the jewerly.

That said, I suppose it shouldn't be surprising to find out that one of Buck's Ca$hville 615 Chains (the smallest, lightest of the three pictured above) somehow ended up in the hands of some dude trying to unload it on Ebay.

I suppose this should serve as yet another reason to not believe everything you see on television. Most of the crap in rap videos is rented, including the women. This is all fun and games until someone gets hurt (that Yung Berg incident), or blows all their money on scrippers and rims.

I would cop this if I could. Don't judge me, I know ya'll would buy equally frivolous crap if you had the excess loot. That said, if you've got a spare $7,000 just laying around, cop this joint and you too can be a baller.

Just make sure you pay your taxes while you're at it.

Question: Why do so many rappers end up dead broke? Would you cop this chain if you had a few extra stacks lying around?

Peep The Auction For Young Buck's Ca$shville 615 Chain [Ebay]

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