Sunday, September 28, 2008

Is It Too Late To Jump On The Bandwagon?!?

I dislike bandwagon fans like I dislike That is to say, I treat bandwagoneers like the plague.

I'm not an NFL fan, so most of my sports related angst ties to the NBA. Few people are more annoying than folks who merely cheer and follow one player, not the entire team. That's why you see so many Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics, and Miami Heat fans now. These people piss me off. Find a team and stick to it, through thick and thin. That's what real sports fans are made of.

That said, since my team (The Wizards if you don't know) is a few weeks away from the start of their season, I'm watching football to pass the time. My hate/hate relationship with the Redskins admittedly conflicts the very notion I just mentioned above. I like them when they're winning, and granted, they don't win much. However, by heading down to Arlington and beating the Cowboys for the final time in that ratbox known as Texas Stadium and moving to 3-1 in the process, they're tempting me to jump on board. []

I've never been keen on Jason Campbell, but I'll admit, dude seems to be rapidly improving by the week. Besides, lets face it, black starting QB's are on the endangered species list yet again. Mike Vick's in Levenworth. Vince Young is on suicide watch. Tarvaris Jackson is playing like he went to an Negro College HBCU. Duante Culpepper is retired, which is code for "unemployable". The fat kid in Oakland may not pan out. It's pretty much down to just Campbell and Donovan McNabb, who coincidentally just so happen to face each other next weekend in Philly.

So, I guess that's my official justification: I'm rootin' for the brotha. Beating Dallas and temporarily silencing the most obnoxious sports fans this side of the Mason Dixon doesn't hurt either.

And like any bandwagon fan, if they get creamed next week at The Linc, I can just jump right back off.

Question: Is it ever acceptable to be a bandwagon fan or are these people the scourge of the Earth? Is Jason Campbell the real deal or just on a nice streak?

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