Wednesday, September 17, 2008

I'm Officially Done With Being A DC Sports Fan.

[Editor's Note: This is a sports post. If that ain't your thing, keep it movin'.]

There's breaks, bad luck, and then there's the eternal curse that seemingly hangs over all DC sports teams.

The Redskins have a ballerina playing defensive end, a novice head coach who doesn't even know the team colors, a primadonna running back who gets into shouting matches with local sportstalk hosts, and a fratboy tight end who inadvertently posts a nude picture of his junk on his personal blog. Don't be deluded by that fluke win over the Saints. This team is headed to 3-13 with a bullet. Sorry Skins fans.

The Nationals couldn't beat most Single-A teams.

I don't even care enough about the Mystics or DC United to come up with a pithy remark.

The only DC team I've bothered getting behind in my dozen or so years living in The Urreah is the hapless Wizards. They're the rare team that's more exciting off the court than on. There's the all-star small forward who flashes gang signs during pregame intros. The immature power forward who can't stay out the club long enough to work on his post moves, and catches solicitation charges when he does. Two underachieving centers who routinely fistfight each other in practice, but can't battle for an offensive board when the games matter. But perhaps the biggest personality on this team full of outsized egos is none other than point guard Gilbert Arenas.

I'll admit, I was once an Arenas fan. He's the biggest star to hit DC sports since Chris Webber's brief stay here in the mid-90's. He drops 30 a night with ease. He hits game winners. He can shoot the ball with amazing precision from two steps inside halfcourt. He is personable and has a very popular blog on He gives away his jersey to a lucky fan after every game. He puts butts in the seats. He's flashy. He's worth talking about, which is no small feat in Skins-obsessed DC. You can't not watch him when is game is on. Witness his 60 point instant classic vs the Lakers.

But he's also totally immature for a 26 year old. He couldn't spell defense, let alone pretend to play it. He hogs the ball. He is prone to playing out erratic vendettas with his coaches while on the court. He is flighty and temperamental. He gets too caught up on stats. And perhaps worst of all, he's now had two serious knee surgeries in the past 2 years, despite the fact that the team gave him the keys to the franchise in the form of a $111M contract this summer. Better or worse, my team has hitched its wagon on the hopes that he'll magically grow up and get us past the first round of the playoffs again.

So what does this numbnut go out and do? He waits the entire summer before deciding to get a third knee operation, effectively screwing every Wizards fan for yet another season.

Gilbert Arenas had a third operation on his bothersome left knee Wednesday morning, once again throwing into doubt his status for an upcoming Washington Wizards season.

Arenas had a "moderate amount of debris" removed from the knee after experiencing swelling and discomfort during his rehabilitation. The Wizards offered no timetable for his return — beyond the fact that he obviously won't be ready for the start of training camp next week — but Arenas told The Washington Post that he plans to be back on the court in early December, which would rule him out for the first month of the season.

The surgery is the third on the knee in 17 months for Arenas, who missed 69 regular-season games last season and had to shut himself down in the playoffs. It also raises more doubt about the wisdom of the Wizards' decision to give him a six-year, $111 million contract in July.
When a team, against its best judgement, gives you a $111M contract after you've essentially missed the last two seasons, the least you can do to return the favor is properly rehab your injury so you can earn your money. This nimrod waits until the eve of training camp, and despite what he says, rumor has it he will likely miss most of the season, and his knee could be permanently damaged a la Grant Hill.

Thanks a lot, Gilbert.

Question: Is DC the Worst Sports City in the nation or is there actually someplace more pathetic?

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