Friday, September 26, 2008

"Hustling Backwards" And The Quandary of Sarah Louise Heath Palin.

Soooo, Palin vs Couric: Part Deux aired last night. It only got marginally better for our new President.

"PredatOR lenders?!?" I thought the term was "predatory", but what do I know, I just went to a single Negro College HBCU, not 6 JUCOS in 6 years.

Can this chick even balance a checkbook and chew gum at the same time?

On second thought, I think Couric was a bit harsh to Tina Palin during this interview. The whole "bailout" question hasn't even been posed to the Presidential candidates themselves yet. Why would we expect someone who's simply memorizing GOP Talking Points from afar to have the right answer?

I've been pretty hard on Mrs. Palin all week and honestly, I'm beginning to feel bad for her. She didn't ask to be Veep, she was asked to be Veep. She couldn't have told McCain "no" if she wanted, that's called hustling backwards, and anyone in Corporate America knows you never hustle backwards when presented a new, upwardly mobile opportunity. Windows open temporarily and close permanently. You leap, then look. Palin is only now beginning to look, and I could only imagine the "oh sh*t!" feeling she has to go through everyday that she realizes she's in so far over her head.

She didn't ask for this.

Question: Should I lay off Tina Fey Sarah Palin? Do you find yourself feeling somewhat bad for her? Have you ever "hustled backwards" because you knew you weren't truly prepared for an opportunity?

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