Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Does AB Owe Campbell Brown An Apology?!?

An apology? Uhh, prolly not. But I'll admit, she absolutely reams McCain spokesman Tucker Bounds in this clip.

Too bad she either can't, or won't do this level of cross examination more often. Maybe I'd have some level of respect for her then.

Oddly enough, the McCain campaign was so angry at Campbell Brown for merely doing her job (for once) that they pulled McCain out of a CNN interview Tuesday night. Apparently, they felt Brown went "too far" in her line of questioning, and are offended.

So, now the McCain campaign is scared of Campbell Brown? Seriously? Is that what's hot in the streets right now?

Question: Do you like Campbell Brown? Do you think she was too hard on Tucker Bounds? What do you think about McCain refusing to go on CNN as a result of this exchange?

McCain Throws Tantrum Over CNN Interview [DailyKos]

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