Friday, September 19, 2008

Cause They Black: Are Identity Politricks Really Such A Bad Thing?!?

Last winter, when the Clinton/Obama battle was nearing its crux, the MSM was transfixed on the whole "Race vs Gender" issue. At it's core, this artificial argument seemed to insinuate that black women were being forced to choose between their skin color and their uterus when it came to choosing which candidate they'd back. As if those were the only criteria a person would consider. This superficial contrivance only became more pronounced as Obama began to gain traction with black voters, after months of having trailed Hillary in the polls.

The media likes to note that this happened after South Carolina, but reality is Nevada, which Obama lost, was the first indication that he'd have more success than expected with black voters. When he pulled 75% of the black votes there, the chatters went into full gear, openly groveling about whether or not black folks were voting for Obama just "cause he black".

I don't personally vote for people just "cause they black". But then again, I'd like to consider myself a somewhat enlightened voter. I didn't vote for Sharpton in 04', I voted for Edwards. I've voted against black politicians (and Democrats) locally when I didn't feel they were sufficiently equipped for the job. But I'm understanding enough to know that not everyone cares about the issues, and that not everyone cares enough to look past skin color when choosing their candidates.

To each his own. If you wanna vote for someone just "cause they black", you get what you deserve in the end. And more times than not, you get a Kwame Kilpatrick, not a Deval Patrick. It is what it is.

Of course, the media keeps harping on this "cause they black" angle, and Fox News especially loves to pull poor folks (black and white) off the street and ask them what they know about Obama's policies, usually with comedic results.

I suppose these folks have it coming, even though they're certainly entitled to their opinions because hey, voting is a quintessentially selfish act. A socially acceptable selfish act, but still selfish. You vote for whom you want, and don't have to justify your rationale to anyone because in theory at least, everyone has a vote.

That said, I'm wondering why the same bastions of voter rights that embarrassed Obama supporters for following Barry "cause he black" aren't similarly slamming the legions of white women who are suddenly getting behind Tina Fey Sarah Palin "cause she got a vagina".

No, seriously, think about it. For many white women, especially lifelong Democrats, Palin's stances on issues are diametrically opposed to the views their party of choice advocates. Completely opposed.

So this chick who screwed her way to a billionaire husband has the nerve to call Obama "elitist"?

Trick please.

But I've still yet to see this equally stupid BS called out for what it is.

And while we're at it, how about the legions of folks who vote for white men (Dems and Republicans) year in and year out "cause they white"? How about them?

It seems like the only time it's socially unacceptable to play identity politricks is "when they black". Interesting to say the least.

On the other hand, there's some black votes Obama could prolly do without.[1]

Question: Do you think identity politics are harmful? Do you vote for a person solely because you can personally relate to them on some level, be it race, gender, or age?

Hillary Fundraiser: 'Not Everyone Is Satisfied' With Obama Support [FoxNews]

[1] All jokes aside, I know this was little more than a promotional event for his album, but props to Jeezy for registering voters.

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