Wednesday, September 10, 2008

A Beer For Your Vote?!? Why DC Politricks Is A Joke.

Just when I think Detroit politricks has this whole Negro Nonsense thing on lock, DC strikes back with such Extreme Niggadom as this. And yes, before you ask, "The Mayor For Life", Marion Barry is involved, as always.

Sandra Seegars was among the candidates who were trying to unseat council member Marion Barry in Ward 8.

But some of her supporters campaign tactics are drawing a lot of questions. Some claim Seegars herself offered to give them a beer if they gave her their vote. "She said, I'll buy you a beer if you make the change," says Tony Farrow. "I didn't take it, I didn't take it," he says.

Some say others did, outside a polling precinct on Wheeler Road in Southeast. One woman, a Barry supporter claims her friend switched his vote, got a yellow ticket and promptly went to a nearby liquor store. "He just gave 'em a ticket, showed them I voted and they gave him a 12 ounce of Heineken," she says.

She also says she has no problem with the person or people who were giving out the tickets because she's against her opponent Marion Barry's plan to ban single sales of alcohol.

"It's the same thing he's been doing for years," Seegars says, adding "he gives them fried chicken and green Kool-Aid for their vote." When reporter Nancy Yamada asked her "isn't that irresponsible considering so many people have substance abuse problems?" she answered, "we have so many problems in life. You can look at skin problems, cancer, obesity, high blood pressure and that's not from beer."
Did Seegars, who is known around town as a meddlesome troublemaker who fruitlessly runs for some random office every year, actually just mention alcoholism and acne in the same sentence as urban societal ills? Negress please.

Visit the WUSA9 website to peep the tape if you need to see this in action. I tried to drop the video here, but their embed code sucks.

Some of you might think Marion Barry disappeared after that infamous "The B**** Set Me Up!" incident, you'd be quite wrong. Barry got out the clink and returned for two more terms as mayor before being shoved into early retirement taking a bow to allow Anthony Williams, and subsequently, current mayor Adrian Fenty to take the reigns and usher in a new era of gentrification economic prosperity. A few years ago, Barry got tired of sitting at home in his draws watching All My Chill'ren Judge Joe Brown all day, and decided to run for Ward 8 Councilman, soundly trouncing the incumbent. Barry Days were here again.

But his first term was an unrequited disaster of odd arrests, allegations of drug use, personal financial difficulties, health issues, and perhaps most of all, a total and complete lack of any quantifiable change in the city's most economically depressed, and crime ridden uurreah. Before anyone makes me justify my thug questions the bonafides of a blogger who grew up in the country and lives in the burbs', fall back. AverageMotherInLaw lives in Ward 8, and I spend more than enough weekends over in Southeast (Soufeese for the locals) to know what's really hood'. Trust me, MLK and Good Hope look just as screwed up today as they did 4 years ago.

At least they got "The Chair" restored. I suppose that counts as progress.

An outsider would probably wonder why in the hamsammich people keep re-electing this dude if he's got a bevy of personal demons and doesn't even appear to be even remotely effective in performing the basic duties of his job. I sure as hell don't get it myself. Most longtime DC residents will tell you that Barry's biggest accomplishment was his Summer Youth program that got lots of kids off the streets and pizzaid back in the early 80's. True as that may be, I can't help but look at how the city has progressed, warts and all, since he stepped aside for the more bureaucratic likes of Williams and Fenty. Like them or not, and trust me many people don't, they seem to be getting stuff done. Barry? Most so much.

Man, I tell ya', as much as I don't understand the fascination with Marion Barry, having alternatives willing to pay for votes with Heinekens like Seegars makes me understand why folks stick by him.

Perhaps there's hope for Kwame Kilpatrick after all.

Question: Have you heard of worse "vote for Pedro" tactics than paying folks with beer, Church's chicken, and green Kool-Aid? Do you have any idea why Barry keeps getting re-elected?

Would You Accept A Beer For Your Vote? [WUSA-9]

Barry wins Ward 8 Democratic primary [DC Examiner]

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