Thursday, September 11, 2008

The Audacity Of UnPlugging.

I can't tell ya'll how much I've appreciated my regular readers sticking around this week. Sometimes, the combination of life, the Day Job, family, vocoders, and general Obama disappointment causes you to take a mandatory fall-back to get everything in order. As I told you guys Monday, I'm currently on a weeklong "media fast", which is a nice way of saying I'm not reading, watching, listening to, or blogging about anything political. This isn't nearly as easy as it sounds, even though I spend time in the car listening to The FoxxHole, and haven't picked up a newspaper since last Friday. When you try your best to intentionally avoid something, it seems like that thing somehow seeks you out even more.

It's been hard getting up in the morning and resisting the temptation to flip on American Morning or Fox And Friends [1] while I get dressed. I've felt to itch to tune into The Chris Plante Show at 9am, because listening to Jamie Foxx and friends on Sirius radio gets old after the 900th "black folks/white folks" joke. Bypassing Jack And Jill Politics to peep Bossip seems like botched priorities. But I've managed to do it so far, for both my sanity, and the overall content balance of I realise this gets lost in the shuffle sometimes, but this is emphatically not a political blog. Period. Thankfully, the show, as I've learned, goes on, politricks or not. So, if I choose to open up the Guest List, or switch gears to Nuthin' But Africans and Negro Nonsense, it's nice to know my audience doesn't desert me. You folks haven't let me down with the hits (still at an alltime high) or comments all week, and all I can say for that is a sincere thanks.

I'm somewhat aware that there's a Political Forum on CNN or some such channel tonight. My goal was to fast the entire week, but something about missing an "unofficial debate" seems kinda wrong, so I figured I'd ask you guys what I should do. I'd normally throw this in a poll, but I sorta need a consensus ASAP. So drop your advice you-know-where.

Question: Should AB watch tonight's Political Forum or stay off the horse for a few more days?

[1] Yes, really. Sure, they're catty, petty, digusting folks, but it's all about entertainment.

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