Monday, August 25, 2008

We Owned The 90's: Jodeci

Okay, I'm not starting a We Owned The 80's companion tag. I just needed some cheap excuse to air this YouTube of K-Ci and Jo-Jo performing this past weekend in Syndey, Australia.

Watch and weep. In case you're wondering what's so blogworthy, keep your eyes open around the 1:45 mark.

Man, how sad is it that the guys responsible for one of my all-time favorite remixes, "Come And Talk To Me", are reduced to this? Didn't these guys stack their paper? I know K-Ci had his share of issues with The Mighty Vial and whatnot, but still.

Arggh. Christopher Williams is crying inside.

Question: Shouldn't there be some sorta retirement plan for R&B singers to avoid this kinda nonsense? Do you beleive JoJo actually had a seizure? If so, why did the bodyguard and K-Ci completely ignore him and keep on sangin'? Would you pay good money to see Jodeci, or are Australians complete tools?

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