Thursday, August 28, 2008

We Owned The 80's: All My Children

I never went to daycare. Come to think of it, I don't even believe daycare centers even existed in my section of NC growing up. So my Pops would usually drop me off on his way to work and I spent my preschool days at with my Grandma. This was pretty cool, because since it was just the two of us during the day, I could basically commandeer the TV while she slept off the remnants of her 3rd shift. I'd inhale Cheerios and watch Sesame Street, Julia, and The Munsters reruns. But around 1pm, I'd always have to give up "the box"[1] cause it was time for Grandma to watch her "stories". Since this was well before the days of DVD players and tv's in every room, I would usually make my way to a nap.

So yeah, I was sorta raised on TeeVee. I guess that explains a lot.

Anyways, I was reminded of all this today as I sat, post-workout, in the locker room. The Gold's Gym video network wasn't playing on the overhead TV as it usually was. Instead, I saw a roundfaced brown woman and a crusty, semi-balding dude. I immediately recognized this as a soap opera, and since I never really liked them back then (though I did occasionally watch with Grandma to pass the time before Sanford & Son and Good Times came on), my Negro Reflex made me turn my head. But lo and behold, I heard a very familiar voice, and looked closer.

Holy Crap! That's Angie and Jesse!

I don't want anybody, to get the wrong idea about me.[2] I did not willingly watch All My Chill'rens. Period. I'm not a soap opera type of dude, despite how much I enjoy the real life human train wreck spectacle that is Gilbert Arenas. Except for Angie and Jesse, and maybe Erica Kaine, I don't recall much about AMC at all.

Still, there's something (I don't know what, but surely something) to be said for Black folks who can somehow manage to pull off the same gig for nearly 30+ years. I mean, Jesse looked like a young Huggy Bear waaay back in the mid 80's. Dude still looks like Huggy Bear, and is still workin'. That's sayin' somethin'. Exactly what it's sayin', I do not know, but it's sayin' somethin'.

Question: Do you remember Angie and Jesse? Did you watch All My Chill'rens? Any soaps? Were you too partially raised by one of those tan Scientific Atlanta boxes or did you go to an actual daycare?

[1] I hope ya'll remember those old school cable boxes with the cord and those pushbuttons. Ok, maybe it was just me.

[2] Name that tune.

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