Sunday, August 24, 2008

What's On AB's iPod?: Supastition

[Editor's Note: Yep, new feature time. will occasionally give you a peep into what's on my iPod, and hook you up with some free music of your own.]

Folks who know me personally know I'm an underground hip-hop head. We're not talkin' about Yung Bergs and Soulja Boys of the world. I'm more of a Little Brother, Jean Grae, Wale, Cool Kids, Tanya Morgan type of dude. So, it's no wonder one of my current favorites is Supastition, who just happens to represent The Greatest State Evar.[1] Quit crying about how bad hip hop is and peep Kam's newest video "Black Enough", download his free Self Centered EP, and cop his new album Leave of Absence.

Download Supastition's Self Centered EP for FREE! []

Supastition Blog [Reform School Music]

[1] If you have to ask...

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