Thursday, August 14, 2008

Praying For A Rainout? Focus On The Family Is A Bunch Of Morons!!!

No, seriously, who in the ham sammich prays for the wrath of God to intercede on behalf of a political campaign?

My church (which is non-denominational) often uses Focus On The Family materials, especially books by James Dobson. And while I think they cross the line a bit when it comes to making political statements, my wife and I often listen to their family friendly radio programming while in the car with AverageToddler.[1] So I'm not denying that they actually do some good. My own life is a testament to this on some level.

[Completely Unrelated SideNote: Are ya'll serious with this week's poll results? C'mon, vote for Sasha or Rihanna already! This is ridiculous.]

But c'mon, praying for rain to ruin an outdoor speech of a guy you don't want to become President? Isn't that a weeee bit little tacky? I'm obviously not speaking on the guy's behalf, but don't you think God might have other, more pressing matters to deal with than worrying about raining out a stadium?

This is just soooo wrong.

If my understanding is correct, FOTF's biggest qualm with Obama is that they fear he'll get in office, uphold Roe vs Wade, and let gays keep getting married. That's fine and well, but aren't there more constructive ways of going about this than wishing eternal damnation on Barry?

Besides, if these folks are so tied up on "family values" and "upstanding moral fiber", wouldn't Obama be a better personification of this than a man who infamously cheated on his crippled wife and opportunistically married into a rich family? I'm just sayin'.

Question: Is praying for the downfall of those you disagree with really tacky, or is it just me? Do you listen to FOTF radio or read any of Dobson's books?

Focus On The Family Pulls Video (Jokingly) Asking Supporters to Pray for Rain During Obama's Speech [ABC]

[1] What did you expect me to listen to while riding around in the car with a 23 month old? Lavell Crump?!?

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