Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Poll Position: There Will Be Lots Of Black Boys Named Barack.

For lots of reasons, I was hoping another name would win last week's poll for Next Great "Urban" Baby Name. All of the names listed for nomination were provided by you guys, and the results were a bit surprising... not!

So, there will be a lot of black boys named Barack in my son's daycare soon. I suppose this is better than a bunch of kids named Ne-Yo or Latarian, but only so much. Seriously, let's say Obama gets the job and (God forbid) lays a goose egg in office. Do you really want a kid saddled with that name forever?[1] Rihanna lead early on, only to squander the lead and eventually lose big to Barack. You know, sorta like Hillary.

Personally, I voted for Malia, which did well, but not well enough. The pop culture trio of LeBron, Ciara, and Kanye also rounded out the list of those showing well.

Not showing well, were the other Obama names, Sasha and Michelle. I'm not really sure why, other than the fact that these are "old" names without much novelty. Carmelo (as in Anthony), Keyshia (as in Cole), and Fantasia (as in, that godawful dog whistle from American Idol) were the Alan Keyes of this poll, barely registering a blip.

So, congrats to all the parents considering naming their kid after the presumptive Democratic candidate. See ya'll at the playground.

This Week's Poll isn't gonna make any sense if you didn't watch this weekend's Faith Forum, or any debates. So, catch up on your YouTubes before you just throw up an answer.

[1] Of course I'm just kidding. No, Barack isn't a bad name. Yes, this is nothing more than sour grapes that my personal choice nevar wins the weekly poll. What's up with ya'll?

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