Monday, August 11, 2008

Poll Position: Blacks Don't Expect Much From Obama.

Well a-freakin'-men.

Last week's poll was all about Black America's expectations for a possible Obama Presidency, and the tangible effect it will have on us. In short, will having Barry As Prez make life any easier for Black America?

The results were staggering.

So, most of you seem to agree that Black Americans won't be any better off than White Americans should Barry succeed in his Quest for The Number One Spot. Others tended to think that the effects for Black America would be intangible at best, which I tend to read as a feeling that fewer obstacles exist for us to achieve whatever we wish.

An astounding number (13%) of those polled thought this poll in and of itself was racist. Not really sure what that means, since the question was an inside joke to anyone who reads a certain hip hop website.[1] Very few people thought the Obama White House would actually leave Blacks worse off.

So, what do we read into all this? I think this pretty definitively shows that the sorts of people who read don't expect Barack Obama to solve their problems for them, they just don't want him to further add to their current troubles. In short, he can help African Americans, just as he can help all Americans. By simply doing a great job. It's up to us to do the rest, which is pretty reasonable if you ask me.

This Week's Poll came to me outta nowhere, but I suppose it's a logical offshoot of our What's In A Name? discussion a few weeks back. For those who didn't peep last week's nomination post, refresh yourself or you might miss the point.

As usual, vote early and often.

[1] Hint: DP works there.

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