Friday, August 29, 2008

Pander Alert: McCain Picks A Female Veep!

This is still developing news, but it seems like Cotton Hill McCain is going to roll with a woman Veep, picking Alaska Governor Tina Fey Sarah Palin.

I'm not gonna sit here and pretend I know much about this woman, but here's a few nuggets of interest gleamed from her Wikipedia site.

She's only 44. I guess this balances out Papa Mac's "age" issue.

She's a former beauty pageant contestant, finishing 2nd in Miss Alaska in 1984. We all know how Papa Mac loves his beauty queens.

Prior to becoming Governor, she was city councilwoman and mayor of the city of Wasilla, population 8,400. My neighborhood has more than 8,400 people. I'm on Community Watch. Does that make me eligible to run for President? Seriously, what sorta Mays Gilliam sh*t is that?

She's only been in office 20 months. So much for experience. Seriously, if you slam Barry for a lack of experience, how can you throw someone with less than two years in office out there as the possible President?

She has a Kwame Kilpatrick style "revenge firing" on her resume that's still being investigated.

She looks an awful lot like my financial advisor. No real point in mentioning that.

This is obviously pandering for that female vote. No bones about it. How else do you explain the fact that she was never on a short list to this point?

She briefly worked as a sports reporter for local Anchorage television stations while also working as a commercial fisherman with her husband, Todd, her high school sweetheart. Interesting for lots of reasons.

She has a 19 year old son in Iraq, and 5 kids total.

She had a baby this year, who was born with Down's Syndrome. Palin and her husband knew about this via prenatal genetic testing and decided to move forward with the pregnancy. All jokes and criticism aside, that does say a lot about her character.
Basically, I can't see how this helps or hurts McCain. She is very much pro-life and pro-guns, which means she's totally on the other side of all issues I care about. She seems to be a "character" pick, and I have little doubt they'll play up her bio and family to downplay her lack of experience.

Personally, she seems likable and full of integrity. I can't really say anything bad about her.

But that doesn't mean I want her as President.

Question: What do you think of McCain's surprise pick of Sarah Palin? Does this help him steal some distraught Hillary voters?

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