Friday, August 8, 2008

John Edwards Has A Love Child!?!?

Well, it's been long rumored, and dude finally had to admit it himself. The timing, on a Friday, in advance of the Olympics, is dubious at best.

Former Democratic presidential candidate John Edwards is admitting to an extramarital affair but denies fathering the woman's daughter.

Edwards tells ABC News that he lied repeatedly about the affair with a 42-year-old woman but says that he didn't love her. He says he has not taken a paternity test but knows he isn't the father because of the timing of the affair and the birth.

ABC says a former Edwards campaign staffer claims he is the father, not Edwards.

Edwards was a top contender for the Democratic nomination for president. He placed second in the Iowa caucuses last January but dropped out of the race a few weeks later.

Edwards, a former senator from North Carolina, was the Democratic nominee for vice president in 2004.
Not a good look, especially considering the fact that dude's wife has darn-near terminal cancer.

[Note to the GOP: Before ya'll start c-walkin' and throwin' shade, you might wanna dial back the "family values" rhetoric, considering the fact that your boy Cotton Hill McCain darn near did the same thing to his first wife. No please save the over-the-top "I told you so's".]

The whole "that ain't my damn baby!" thing seems terribly out of character. Whose else baby could it be? Do I see a very special episode of Maury coming soon?

Edwards says the baby belongs to one of his campaign assistants, but this story has all kinds of shady attached to it. What were they doing, sharing this chick? And isn't it sorta hard (not impossible, just hard) for a 42 year old to get knocked up without some medical assistance?

I smell a rat. I don't smell a political future for Edwards however. I suspect this will get far uglier for him before it gets prettier. I hope he's learned his lesson. Keep it in your pants, Johnny!

So much for that Veep slot. This bama is toast.

Question: If Edwards' career is toast, shouldn't McCain's also be, considering he did roughly the same thing? Why couldn't Edwards at least wrap it up? Was he spending too much money on haircuts to buy some Trojans? Sheesh. No wonder he was flying Southwest.

Edwards Admits to Affair, Denies Fathering Child [WashPost]

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