Wednesday, August 13, 2008

File This One Under "Who The Heck Cares?"

No, seriously, who the heck cares?

Legendary hip-hop mogul Master P (a.k.a. Percy Miller) has officially changed his name to P. Miller and will no longer be known as Master P. Over the course of his career, P. Miller has won 5 Grammys, sold more than 75 million records worldwide, as well as produced and starred in several Hollywood blockbuster films.

Miller said, "I'm changing my name because Master P is who I used to be. I call it my childhood and P. Miller marks my manhood. I wouldn't change my past because it's groomed me to be the man I am today. People grow mentally and spiritually through life experiences, but when you come from hip-hop it's almost impossible to move past the stereotypes associated with it. I've branched out into so many different arenas that range from being the first African-American to have a clothing line at Wal-Mart, to writing books, and speaking on Capitol Hill, but all that gets overshadowed because I come from the hip-hop industry. There're a lot of people out there, who are afraid to grow up and change, but I'm not and P. Miller is the evolution of me, Percy Miller the entrepreneur, the business man."
Evolution? Rap Legend? Icon? Negro Please.

We know a publicity stunt for a washed-up has-been when we see it. And yeah, I realize I've fallen for the okey doke by even doing a post about this, but still how could I resist? I'm having a pretty crappy day, but this puts it all in perspective. Thanks, Percy!

Isn't P. Miller too old to still be rappin'? Shouldn't he have some lame reality show on MTV-5 or somethin' by now? I'm just sayin'. Hang it up, dude. You're 50 for crissakes. Get a hobby.

To end this on a lighter note, lest ya'll think I'm a complete hater, here's a few of Percy's Greatest Hits.

The incredibly low budget "Bout It! Bout It!"

The Worldclass Wrecking Crew ripoff "Mr. Ice Cream Man". No, he ain't talkin' bout Breyers.

His magnum opus, "Make Em' Say Unngghhh!"

The mini-movie Terminator ripoff, "Hoody Hoo".

His regrettful collab with his kid, "Black History".

Question: How old is Master P? How old is too old to still be rappin'?

Master P Officially Changes His Name to P. Miller [MarketWatch]

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