Friday, August 22, 2008

Did The Dems Finally Get Something Right?!?

I guess the Dumbocratic Party is finally figuring out that you can't bring a switchblade to a gunfight. All that "turn the other cheek" and "rise above the fray of divisive rhetoric" crap isn't helping your boy Barry in the polls.[1] So, it looks like Campaign Obama is finally starting to talk greasy.

I love these commercials for lots of reasons. McCain has largely gotten a free pass on issues of personal integrity during this campaign thus far. While the blogosphere commonly discusses such crap as his flip flops, his philandering, his opportunistic marriage, his overinflated Senatorial accomplishments, The Keating Five, and his legendary temper, you wouldn't know any of this stuff existed if you just paid attention to the MSM, which is obsessed with all things (good and bad) Obama. And I blame the Dems for this. By turning the other cheek, this party has consistently displayed a lack of testicular fortitude, even though that's proven to be a very unsuccessful tactic of late. Just ask Gore, Dukakis, or Kerry.

Still, as solid as this commercial is, I'm not by any means convinced that it signals a permanent or even momentary change in rhetorical tone. AverageMom was saying just the other night that next week's convention is probably going to look a lot like 04'. Namely, the Dems will get up there and speak platitudes about how great their party is, and what they can do for America, without any mention of the competing party whatsoever. I see no real reason to doubt my mother, given the fact that she sorta is responsible for my being born and whatnot. I would love to see Barry and Co. prove AverageMom wrong next week in Denver, but you and I both know this isn't gonna happen.

Meanwhile, a week later in St. Paul, the GOP will take every televised moment to remind us just how untrustworthy that secret Muslim and his America-hating wife are, and why they'll ruin the country if given address labels for 1600 Penn Ave. come January. They'll spew plenty more "elitist", "black nationalist", "effete" rhetoric.

Republicans don't give a sh*t about your feelings, they just want to win. Truth be damned. And quiet as kept, it's one thing I secretly admire about how their party is run, and yet another reason why I'll be an unaffiliated voter, win or lose, come November 5th.

Note to Barry and the Dumbocratic Party: Nice start. I'd love to see you keep it up, but I'm not holdin' my breath.

Question: Have you noticed a slight shift in the tone of Barry and the Democratic Party's rhetoric in recent weeks? Is it possible that shifting tone to match the usual greasiness of the GOP could backfire? If so, why?

[1] Although it should be noted that neither Gore, nor Kerry had a bigger lead at this exact point in the race either. Not that that means anything. They both lost of course. But I'm just sayin'. Don't put too much stock in polls. Remember New Hampshire?

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