Friday, August 8, 2008

C.Y.I.N. Case Study: Does Barry Need To Start Talkin' Greasy!?!

I've said for months that I wished Barack Obama would C.Y.I.N. and start talking greasy to his opponents. You guys have largely disagreed, always saying that he's got to "play the game" and "go along to get elected".

I understood the logic in this when he was teeing off against Hillary Clinton. Anything he said that could be perceived as even remotely sexist would have meant curtains for his campaign. Although Hillary threw every underhanded racist and xenophobic attack in the book at him, Barry played the Good Negro role, and eventually prevailed. Great for him.

Some try to say that Barry's had to also play the game vs McCain, but after two months of this crap, I'm starting to wonder why. Assaulting your opponent with arguments that could be remotely perceived as "ageist" doesn't carry nearly the same stigma as being labeled a male chauvinist pig. Especially not when that opponent uses every chance to publicly flog you for being too young and inexperienced (which, lets be honest, is a fair argument). So, if McCain can call Barry a novice, it is not fair to clap back calling Cotton Hill a senile Metamucil drankin' freak? I'm not saying he should use those exact words, but why not fight fire with fire?

For the life of me, I can't imagine why Obama keeps taking the high road when McCain clearly shows no inclination to fight with gloves on. And while you might decry McCains tactics as lowbrow, reality is, they're working, so you could technically call that good politricks.

That said, I'm still waiting to Obama show some backbone and some warrior mentality. I wanna hear some "m.f. say whut!?!" bombs dropped. I wanna hear some bass in his voice. I need to see Barry's Inner Nigga manifest itself.

Apparently, I ain't the only one.

Barack Obama released a television advertisement yesterday that questions John McCain's claims to be a "maverick," and he charged in a campaign appearance that the Republican displays independence only when it suits him politically.

Obama aides said Democratic hand-wringing about polls showing that the presidential race remains tight had nothing to do with the volleys.

"We are not going to base our campaign on the concerns of so-called campaign strategists on cable TV," spokesman Bill Burton said.

But the ad and the Democrat's rhetoric in Indiana appeared to up the ante in a campaign that took a distinct turn toward the negative last week.

The parries come more than a week after his Republican opponent launched a string of increasingly personal attacks on Obama. McCain has said that his rival would lose a war in order to win a campaign, accused him of going to a gym rather than visiting wounded troops, and, while aides asserted that he had "played the race card," hinted that Obama has a messiah complex and portrayed him as a celebrity comparable to Paris Hilton or Britney Spears. That final line of assault continued yesterday with a new McCain ad, again mocking Obama as "the biggest celebrity in the world."

Such attacks have raised worries among Democratic strategists -- haunted by John F. Kerry's 2004 run and Al Gore's razor-thin loss in 2000 -- that Obama has not responded in kind with a parallel assault on McCain's character. Interviews with nearly a dozen Democratic strategists found those concerns to be widespread, although few wished to be quoted by name while Obama's campaign is demanding unity.

"Democrats are worried," said Tad Devine, a top strategist for Kerry who thinks Obama must stay on the high road. "We've been through two very tough elections at the national level, and it's very easy to lose confidence."

But Democratic strategists said that it is nothing like the character attacks by McCain, and that the response could be far nastier, perhaps raising McCain's ethical scrape in the Keating Five savings and loan scandal, mocking his family wealth and designer shoes, or highlighting his age. After McCain economic adviser Phil Gramm suggested that the United States has become "a nation of whiners," Democratic strategists said Obama should have immediately started an ad blitz.
In short, these very high priced consultants are saying the same damn thing I've been saying for months: Show Us Your Inner Nigga, Barack!!!

Here's Obama's latest ad.


Where's the explosions? Where's the TMZ style voiceover? Where's the dirt? This sh*t is lame, Barry, just lame.

I mean, come on. I get the whole "politricks of change" and "flying above the fray of partisan politics" mottos, but come the freak on Barry! At what point do you say enough is enough, take off those Prada slippers, and proceed to put a foot in somebody's ass?

You are wielding a knife. Your opponent has an AK-47. You are prolly not gonna win that fight, cause it ain't fair.

Grow a pair, Barry. You're startin' to lose me, bruh. Seriously.

Question: Are you sick of Barack Obama's "non-threatening Negro" stance? Could going negative, or at least matching McCain's level of furor actually backfire on him, or are Black people just too damn paranoid about this sorta thing?

Obama Attacks Too Softly For Some [WashPost]

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