Friday, August 15, 2008

Clayton Bigsby Would Be So Proud!!!

The media has generally pussy-footed around anything more than a superficial examination of race in this year's Presidential election. Sure, we got mobbed with shallow stuff like Race vs Gender, and that CNN's goshawful Black In America series, but most of the chatter has been about how Black America could be effected by an Obama Presidency.

Little has been definitively examined about white America's hesitance, and in some cases, outright fear of electing a Black President. Sure, there was the Harriet Christian debacle after Hillary's last ditch effort failed. And there were some murmurs about folks in Pennsylvania and West Virginia, but you get the impression that the MSM just doesn't wanna go all the way there and open that can of worms.

This is of course nothing new. If you didn't do any reading, or hadn't traveled to some of this country's less savory corners, you might assume that poverty, lack of education, and general dysfunction are distinctly Negro problems. This is obviously bull, but as the old saying goes, if the hunter has a publicist, you'd assume the lion lost every battle. Or something like that. Point being, when you control the media, you can present whatever view you darned well please, and since White folks as a general rule tend to control the media, they put routinely put their best foot forward. It's in their own best interest to pretend that certain white people don't even exist. So, poor whites become simple "working-class Americans" who unabashedly love this country and Lee Greenwood and want to go "back to core values". Poor blacks are basically just "lazy assed Niggas who need to get off their sorry asses and quit having 5 babies by 7 women".

But of course, I digress.

Thus, it's no real surprise that the whole racist element of this country that does exist is being completely ignored, or dressed up with such sentiments as "I just don't think he represents my values" when speaking of Obama. Hell, there were two cats busted in the past week alone for plotting some peabrained assassinations of Barry, but these incidents didn't even warrant front page news or more than a 10-second soundbyte amongst the cable news talking heads. Could you imagine the media outcry if a bunch of Haitians were found to have been stockpiling weapons in hopes of takin' out Cotton Hill McCain? Please! Johnny "Love Lips" Edwards and his Maury-episode would be buried somewhere on Page 9 by now, right along with Michael Phelps. You and I both know this.

So, I guess I find the following story, while sad and patently pathetic, somewhat refreshing in a very odd way. At least these guys are being candid. And you know how much I love candor.

They're not exactly rooting for Barack Obama, but prominent white supremacists anticipate a boost to their cause if he becomes the first black president. His election, they say, would trigger a backlash - whites rising up, a revolution of sorts - that they think is long overdue.

He'd be a "visual aid," says former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke, in trying to bring others around to their view that whites have lost control of America. Obama's election, says another, would jar whites into action, writing letters, handing out pamphlets rather than sitting around complaining.

While most Americans have little or no direct contact with white supremacists, organizations such as the Anti-Defamation League and the Southern Poverty Law Center keep close tabs; the law center estimates some 200,000 people nationwide are active in such groups. These observers think the prospect of a white revolution is fantasy.

Jason Robb, a Harrison, Ark., attorney who represents the Klan's Knights Party, describes himself as a "white nationalist."

"It doesn't really matter if Obama wins the election or McCain wins the election," Robb said in an interview. "Neither of them are going to try to fight to preserve the white race or heritage."

Robb said, however, that Obama's election could prompt more whites to get involved in politics by distributing pamphlets or writing letters to editors.

Although the South has had more racial violence than most of the country, Randy Blazak, a sociology professor at Oregon's Portland State University, says white supremacists live all over the United States. Blazak, who has studied skinheads for two decades, calls white supremacists a counterculture, not a movement, contending the latter term overstates their numbers.

Blazak said white supremacists thrive on fear of changing race relations, the women's movement and gay rights. Blazak said white working class people in particular long for a "Leave It To Beaver" society.

"Those were the 'good old days' for straight, white males. But for everyone else, it was a pretty raw deal," Blazak said.
For all the unfounded Conservative (and liberal for that matter) hate-mongering about Obama signing whites over into chattel slavery come January 09', you'd think these nutjobs would be all over the news, but of course we know how racial double standards work. These guys are branded as marginalized, toothless (literally) and harmless ingrates living in a fantasy world, not morons with real guns and the potential to raise real trouble should Barry win as we all hope. Rebb'n Wright, on the other hand, is a 75 year old Black Panther, hell bent on repaying whitey once his secret weapon in unleashed at 1600 Penn Ave.

What's funny is, going back to that whole "best foot forward" thing, the MSM wouldn't dare give airtime to wingnuts like this who'd make them look bad. But Pastor David Manning, who makes Negroes and white folks alike cringe? Come on down! If there were a real-life Clayton Bigsby[1], I'd imagine he'd be getting plenty of airtime this year. In the meantime, I guess John McWhorter, Angela McGlowan, and Juan Williams will have to suffice. Yeah, I've been watching Fox News lately. Shoot me.

But again, I repeat, two assassination plots uncovered in the past week alone.

I'm not sayin' we should be fearing for Obama's life. Far from that. Reality is, he has, and will continue to have the best Secret Service detail evar. So please, pretty please, don't allow your grandma to be fooled into voting for McCain because she fears another MLK is Barry wins. The fact that morons like those in apprehended last week were uncovered is evidence enough that the gubb'ment is serious about snuffing these fools out.

But by tiptoeing around a very real problem, the MSM is doing us no favors.

Question: Why do you think the MSM is tiptoeing around any real discussion of race and it's potential impact on this year's election? Did you even hear about last week's assassination plots? Just how darn brilliant was that whole Clayton Bigsby skit?

White Supremacists See Hope In Obama Win [CBS News]

Barack Obama assassination plot foiled by police [Glasgow Daily News]

[1] If you're somehow missing the boat on this one, sorry. YouTube didn't give me anything to work with. Just laugh now and Google later.

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