Monday, August 11, 2008

AverageBro NewsBriefs

Yep, I'm actually working today. So here's all the news that's fit to blog, but not worthy of it's own post. Discuss amongst yourselves.

R.I.P. Bernie Mac

I think it's great that the MSM for once chose not to let some minor snafu (Obama-gate) overshadow a long and illustrious career. Moreso than even Mac's stand up, I think The Bernie Mac Show is his lasting legacy. It was smart, it was unpredictable, it was well produced. Had the show aired on a better channel, it might have still been on the air. Better yet, it laid the foundation for a new type of Black sitcom: sans laugh track, shot in "film-ish" style, with enough mainstream sensibility to "transcend the ghetto of Black television". Thus far, only Everybody Hates Chris has successfully adapted this approach, but give credit to The Mac Man and Larry Wilmore for opening a new door.

Rest in peace Mr. McCullough. You shall be missed.

R.I.P. Issac Hayes

Who else could pull off a baldie years before MJ? Isaac!!! You doggone right!

R.I.P. "Love Lips" Edwards

I have a strange feeling we won't evar be seeing Johnny Boy Edwards in public again.

Seriously though, how shady is this whole love-child thing. Johnny says the baby ain't his, but he will take a paternity test. The chick's sister says "yeah, you doggone right you're takin' that test!" Rielle Hunter herself then comes out and says she doesn't evar want a DNA test, because she wants her baby to stay out of the spotlight. Some dude in Texas admits to having paid Hunter to keep quiet, in exchange for a California mansion. Edwards was allegedly seen just a week ago visiting the woman and baby at 3am. The cat who supposedly did father the baby ain't talkin'. The birth certificate still has no name for the Baby Daddy.

Basically, John Edwards is lying through his teeth. He knows that's his baby, his wife knows it's his baby, Rielle Hunter knows it's his baby, and even the baby knows it's his baby.

You and I both know that this will eventually conclude with a sad appearance on Maury.

John Edwards, "YOU ARE THE FATHER!!!!"

I mean, come on, wouldn't it be easier to just admit everything today? Dude probably had no future political aspirations anyway, so why keep up the lie? All you had to do was spill the beans, and get lost for a few months. Instead, this will get dragged out and dog him the rest of his life.

There is life after an affair. Gary Hart is still employable. Newt Gingrich gets paid for something or other. John McCain is running for President. Nobody holds their past indiscretions against them.

Bad move, John. Really bad move.

Obama Veep Announcement Nearing

Or so said a campaign text message I got last night. I'm not sure who'll get the gig, but I'm pretty sure it won't be "Love Lips".

China's Fake Fireworks?

Doesn't matter if they were CGI or not, who cares, that was the hotter opening ceremonies evar! I feel like my purchase of that 150 inch HD TV is somehow justified now, even though I can't afford this month's mortgage, or feeding my child.

Russia Attacks Georgia

So that's why all those tanks were outside Phipps Plaza? Hmmmm.

The Dark Knight Approaching All Time Great Status

I'm prolly the only one in America who hasn't seen this yet. I'm not too much into superhero flicks. Could someone who's seen this tell me if it's worth the trouble, even if they're not my thing?

Questions [Pick One Or Many]: What's your favorite Mac Moment? What's your favorite Isaac Hayes Moment? What the ham sammich is John Edwards smokin'? He knows that's his baby, so why is he dragging this out? Did you see the tanks outside Phipps Plaza too? Was that 150 inch plasma hot or is it just me?

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