Friday, August 29, 2008

The DNC Night Four Recap: Barry Finally Did It!!!

We Watch, So You Don't Have To. But We Hope You Watched. Seriously, What Else Were You Watching?

Well it's about doggone time.

If you've followed my site the past few months, you know I've seriously questioned Barack Obama's testicular fortitude or lack thereof, repeatedly. I have had a huge problem with his "turn the other cheek" approach to confronting the underhanded tactics of his foes from Day One. Why keep bringing a butterknife to a gunfight? I was pretty convinced that unless dude switched up his game and started talkin' greasy, he was gonna find his beige behind back in Hyde Park come January.

Apparently he discovered just in time for his big speech in Denver, because last night, we finally saw Barack's Inner Nigga, and if you ask me, we also just saw the 44th President of the US.

Barry's acceptance speech was a virtuoso performance that showed me he knows how to check a mofo without stooping to his level in the process. We all wondered if Obama had "it" in him. He does, but his "it" just looks a bit different than the "it" that's in most of us. And that's why he's about to be the leader of the free world, and we're merely reading a blog about it.

The speech was more tactical than visionary. More specific than grand. More substance than style. More steak than sizzle. It will probably not go down as one of his "best" speeches, but history will probably remember it as his most important.

[Whimsical And Largely Pointless Editor's Note: On Fox News, Greta Von Sustern introduced Congresswoman Shelia Jackson Lee as Stephanie Tubbs Jones before embarrassingly correcting herself. Don't blush, Greta. They all look alike to me too. Dead or alive.]

The thing I loved most is how he addressed the lies attacks of the GOP (and Hillary for that matter) so adroitly, one by one. He clapped back on McCain's questioning of his patriotism, elitism, lack of experience, lack of substance, lack of career accomplishments, and lack of vision. He very clearly articulated the areas where he differs from his opponent on policy, laying out the clear contrast between his "new" ideas, and the flimsy bullcrap that McCain calls his platform. He made certain people understood that the government cannot do everything, but can help people where it makes sense and get out of their way where it doesn't. He wrapped the whole thing up by smoothing it over with a think 5 minute veneer of all that usual hope, dreams, and change mumbojumbo.

Anyone who walks away from this calling the guy an "empty suit" should probably have their head examined. Empty brains, anyone?

[Whimsical And Largely Relevant Editor's Note: Did anyone watching the unfiltered coverage on CSPAN peep the video montage that proceeded Barry's appearance onstage? I hate calling someone's biographical vignette blatant propaganda, but dang. Dude's bio was whitewashed than a mug. Who knew so many of the folks in the community he organized on the South Side of Chicago were white? I haven't seen a black dude surrounded by that many Caucasians since my company's last managerial retreat. Check it out.]

Of course the haters had to throw in their two cents of salt, because, well, hatin' is how they pay the bills.

I expect this sorta treatment from Fox News, but Tavis Smiley's guests really took the cake.

The phrase "I feel sorry for your mother" has been on the tip of my tongue very often this week. How apropos.

Outside of the obvious historical significance, I guess what made me happiest about last night was the feeling that my candidate of choice has finally seen the light and realized he's got the change the game if he wants to win. This doesn't mean changing who you are, but rather how you do things. Convoluted and simple as that may sound, it sure makes sense to me, and it seems to have finally made sense to him.

Last night was the Barack Obama I've been waiting for. And last night was the President America's waiting for. Well done, Barry.

MLK is crying inside. Tears of joy.

Question: What did you think of the speech? Did Barry finally C.Y.I.N.? Did the Democratic convention accomplish what Barry needed it to? What will the GOP do to upstage this next week? Do they all look alike to you too, dead or alive?

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