Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What Will They Blame The Beige Negro For Next?!?

So, lemme see, McCain is more or less saying Obama is the reason why we're paying $4/gallon for gas. Never mind the fact that Bush didn't raise the restriction on offshore drilling until a few weeks ago. Nope, simply by proxy of being on the other side of the arguement, Obama catches the blame for all things oil related.

{sniff sniff} What's what smell? I think it's desperation.

And here's some context.

Sen. John McCain today dramatized his support for offshore oil drilling by inspecting oil pumps in a brown, dusty field here far from the ocean.

McCain last week was thwarted in his efforts to visit an oil rig off the Louisiana coast by Hurricane Dolly. The chief attribute of the Red Ribbon Ranch oil field, where the senator met with representatives of California oil producers, appeared to be its proximity to the Seven Oaks Country Club, where he held a lunchtime fundraiser.

McCain and his wife Cindy looked at oil pumps that produce about 1,100 barrels a day, and he again criticized Democratic rival Sen. Barack Obama as a "Doctor No'' for opposing McCain's agenda of offshore drilling, expansion of nuclear power and a gas tax holiday to help combat the nation's energy woes.

"Offshore drilling is something we have to do. I'm sorry Senator Obama opposes it,'' McCain said. "He is the Doctor No of America's energy future.''
First of all, who in the ham sammich is Doctor No?

I had no idea, so I googled it. Turns out Doctor No is some James Bond movie from the early 60's. No, seriously.

Note to McCain: You might wanna update your insults. Doctor No is verrrrrryyyy 20th century. What are you gonna call him next? A nincompoop? A willy nilly? A rapscallion? Please, mix in some MTV with your Matlock and Golden Girls reruns.

But here's the really messed up thing: I actually agree with the GOP on this issue. I see no reason whatsoever why we shouldn't drill offshore to increase the capacity of American oil. Screw a whale, save my light bill instead. Of course this is a more longterm solution, but it's a solution nonetheless.

And for the record, while Obama is against offshore drilling, he's not against drilling entirely. Not that this ad bothered to explain that nuance.

But in classic GOP fashion, they use a 9 inch nail where a pushpin would have done just fine. How freakin' insane is it to blame Obama for our current gas prices? What massive screwup are you gonna blame him for next? The Hindenburg? New Coke? Meet Dave? The drafting of Kwame Brown?

Hmmmm, I wonder who the GOP will blame when they lose in November.

Question: Do you agree with offshore drilling? Do you think Obama is to blame for oil prices? Can I also blame him for the drafting of Kwame Brown?

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